Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Instagram?

Definitely not. We are most certainly not associated or affiliated with Instagram. Instagram is a trademarked and copyrighted brand that we have no connection to. Any terms or words used here in relation to Instagram are solely for the purpose of reference.

What kind of photos should I post to Stylagram?

Fashion photos. Show off your style, share products, and ask people who look cool if you can take their photo!

How do add my fashion Instagram shots to Stylagram?

Just tag them with #stylagram. We Also feature fashion images with other tags.

Will my shots be automatically added to Stylagram?

Not necessarily. We currently screen shots coming from some tags (including the variant #styleagram). All images tagged #stylagram are currently let through, however.

Can I advertise my boutique or label on Stylagram?

Yes! Please do! Please try to provide links back to the specific products on your web shop, so customers can reach the product easily.

Please contact us for assistance and other advertising opportunities.

Where do you promote my images?

On, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.